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So Many Learning Theories, So Little Time

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” –Leonardo da Vinci The question of how people learn has intrigued generations of scholars. It is perhaps no surprise then that many different theories about individual learning exist. Some of these theories stem from a behaviorist perspective, a view that suggests that learning can best be explained in terms of conditioning. Some of the theories

It’s Not Always in the Syllabus

Creating or revising a syllabus can be fun. You get to think through what students should learn in the course, what content they will review, what skills they will practice, and what assignments they will complete during the term. One of the most tedious aspects of creating or revising a syllabus, though, is figuring out and filling in the dates

This is Who We Are. This is What We Do.

Welcome to CrossCurrents, the official blog of the K. Patricia Cross Academy. At the Cross Academy, we are committed to helping college teachers teach better. This blog gives us an outlet beyond our videos and downloadable materials to carry out our mission. In this blog, which we call CrossCurrents to indicate the dynamic flow between our multiple instructional development efforts