The K. Patricia Cross Academy

For Faculty • For Free • For the Future of Higher Education

The K. Patricia Cross Academy was founded by Elizabeth Barkley and Claire Major and named to celebrate and preserve the legacy of K. Patricia Cross. A non-profit program under the fiscal sponsorship of The Social Good Fund, it is supported entirely by sales of Engaged Teaching: A Handbook for College Faculty and donations from a small group of donors, including the founders. The Academy is dedicated to supporting college faculty by offering free instructional videos and downloadable resources that clearly outline how to:


Implement high-impact, evidence-based teaching techniques that improve students' learning; and


Document student learning in ways that provide the information teachers need to improve their teaching as well as assist them in their efforts for hiring, tenure, and promotion.

My institution is always pushing me to attend workshops but honestly, I never go because of the commute and because I don’t have the time. These 24/7 online videos will be SO helpful.

Faculty Member

The Cross Academy is a resource every teacher should utilize.  The ideas and information create engaging opportunities for students and are easy for teachers to adapt to their lessons. After Dr. Major's class I shared this resource with my mom, an educator of 40 years, who loves the ideas and has implemented a few in her high school classroom.

Museum Director

When I discovered you, it was like I had stumbled on a goldmine. My colleagues are now as addicted to your resources as I am!

Faculty Member

The K Patricia Cross Academy has been a valuable resource for me, especially as a first-time instructor. This semester is my first time teaching a class all by myself, and I have been using 3-2-1 Activity to assess student’s engagement in class and further answer any questions they may have about the content. We only did the activity two times since it is the beginning of the semester, but I already see its usefulness. I am excited to utilize other activities featured on the website in future classes.

Teaching Assistant

I will use this not only for my own use, but I teach math classes for future teachers and I want to provide them resources for teaching and teach them how to teach.

Faculty Member