The K. Patricia Cross Academy

For Faculty • For Free • For the Future of Higher Education

The K. Patricia Cross Academy is an investment in the future of higher education named to celebrate and preserve the legacy of K. Patricia Cross. Founded by Elizabeth Barkley and Claire Major, we are a non-profit program under the fiscal sponsorship of The Social Good Fund. We are dedicated to supporting faculty by offering free instructional videos, downloadable resources, and CrossCurrents articles that clearly outline how to:


Implement high-impact, evidence-based teaching techniques that improve all students' learning; and


Document student learning in ways that provide the information teachers need to improve their teaching as well as assist them in their efforts for hiring, tenure, and promotion.

I can’t wait to use all the resources. The [techniques] will help me continue to learn and improve my teaching practices.

Department Chair

The K. Patricia Cross Academy website is an essential resource for those developing their course activities and teaching styles regardless of their years of experience.  The site encourages instruction that prepares the next generation of learners and builds a framework of tools supportive of student success.  I see the site as an asset for anyone in the field of education.


The Cross Academy is a resource every teacher should utilize.  The ideas and information create engaging opportunities for students and are easy for teachers to adapt to their lessons. After Dr. Major's class I shared this resource with my mom, an educator of 40 years, who loves the ideas and has implemented a few in her high school classroom.

Museum Director

After learning about the K. Patricia Cross Academy, I have shared it with my colleagues at my community college.  We are grateful for the free resources the academy provides and it has been a tremendous resource for our instructors.  Personally, the academy has helped me create unique activities to connect with our students during freshmen seminars.

Faculty Member

This website is invaluable for new and seasoned educators alike. I have already implemented some of the techniques into my classroom and have really enjoyed the reflective feedback I have received from my students.  Highly recommend!

Instructor/Academic Advisor