The K. Patricia Cross Academy

For Faculty • For Free • For the Future of Higher Education

The K. Patricia Cross Academy is an investment in the future of higher education named to celebrate and preserve the legacy of K. Patricia Cross. Founded by Elizabeth Barkley and Claire Major, we are a non-profit program under the fiscal sponsorship of The Social Good Fund. We are dedicated to supporting faculty by offering free instructional videos, downloadable resources, and CrossCurrents articles that clearly outline how to:


Implement high-impact, evidence-based teaching techniques that improve all students' learning; and


Document student learning in ways that provide the information teachers need to improve their teaching as well as assist them in their efforts for hiring, tenure, and promotion.

The K. Patricia Cross Academy webpage was very helpful to me as a future educator. The recommended strategies are innovative and relevant for our 21st century students.

Paton Roden
Research Fellow, UA

I included the [K. Patricia Cross Academy] website in the facilitated online workshop I created for faculty to help them move to online teaching. The gratitude for sharing this site with faculty has been overwhelming! They are finding it so very helpful! We have even linked it to our Faculty Toolkit web page through Faculty Professional Development. 

Faculty Member

I can’t wait to use all the resources. The [techniques] will help me continue to learn and improve my teaching practices.

Department Chair

Your content - especially the videos - is lucid, simple to understand, and it seamlessly bridges the gap between theory and practice. 

Faculty Member

The K Patricia Cross Academy website offers a wide variety of teaching tips that are great for engaging students. I have recommended the website to colleagues and instructional designers at UA Online to use as a resource.

Faculty Member