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The demanding realm of higher education can be surprisingly low on practical resources. You want your students to succeed, and the K. Patricia Cross Academy is here to help you do just that. As a nonprofit, our content is complimentary, concise, and packed with proven ways to earn measurable results. Best of all, it's anonymous and always free.

This is an awesome opportunity to provide a resource that alleviates the “trial by fire” initiation that new teachers face. It is great to have an organized, detailed, and accessible toolbox of techniques like this.


K. Patricia Cross

A 20th century thought leader whose influence on higher education is profound and enduring, Dr. K. Patricia Cross has authored eight books, more than 200 publications, and has lectured widely in the United States and abroad.

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Elizabeth F. Barkley

An innovative educator who has dedicated over four decades to serving students and teachers, Elizabeth is both the Executive Director of the K. Patricia Cross Academy, and an instructor.

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Claire H. Major

A thought leader devoted to elevating higher education, Claire serves as the Executive Information Officer of the K. Patricia Cross Academy, and as an engaging instructor.

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