This is Who We Are. This is What We Do.


Welcome to CrossCurrents, the official blog of the K. Patricia Cross Academy.

At the Cross Academy, we are committed to helping college teachers teach better. This blog gives us an outlet beyond our videos and downloadable materials to carry out our mission.

In this blog, which we call CrossCurrents to indicate the dynamic flow between our multiple instructional development efforts and the larger higher education context, we will synthesize and share material with you that is hot-off-the presses, or alternately hard to find, in clear and concise posts. We will work to provide you with the most current information available about teaching at the college and university level, from recently published articles, to new tools, to fresh rubrics and templates. We will curate and share resources that can help you with your teaching that you can access at the ready, from the comfort of your own office or home.

The main audience for this blog, then, is those of you who teach at the college and university level. If you are a faculty developer, you may also find this blog useful for collecting information that will support your work in helping instructors improve their teaching.

Our plan is to start with monthly posts. As we grow, we will increase the frequency. And you can help us accomplish these goals. We would love hearing from you, our readers. In particular, if you know of an interesting resource that we should feature, please drop us a line at; we will of course credit you with the information. We’d also love to hear from you if you use something from the blog in your own teaching; we want to know about your experiences!

So welcome to CrossCurrents, the blog of the K. Patricia Cross Academy. We look forward to connecting with you.

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