A New Resource for College Faculty: The Terry O’Banion Papers


K. Patricia Cross (Pat) had a monumental career in higher education, as we have described in some detail on this post. In addition to her indelible impact on the field, she held several important and lasting friendships with other leaders in the field. One of her greatest and longest-standing friendships was with her colleague Terry O’Banion.

Just as Pat is remembered for her work in adult learning, pedagogy, and student learning assessment, Terry is primarily known for his contributions to community colleges. Over a career spanning six decades, Terry has made significant contributions as an author, consultant, and advocate for community colleges. He has authored 18 books, 24 monographs and reports, 28 chapters, and 230 articles, and his expertise has been sought in over 1,000 community colleges across the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. His influence extends globally, with readers from 133 countries accessing his publications.

Throughout his career, Terry has held various positions, including dean of students, Vice Chancellor of Education, professor of higher education, and president of the League for Innovation in the Community College for 23 years, all guided by his strong desire to make a meaningful impact in the world of community colleges. His extensive contributions and visionary thinking have led to the creation of six national awards in his honor. He continues to be an active and prolific contributor, producing ten or more articles annually at the age of 87.

Terry has recently made many of his publications available online. The publications are organized into categories that reflect his priorities, such as learning college, student success, rogue trustees & curmudgeons, community colleges, general/liberal education, and so forth.

In the spirit of sharing resources related to higher education that are available anytime and anywhere, we are pleased to share this link to the Terry O’Banion Papers with you: https://www.theterryobanionpapers.com

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Barkley, E. F., & Major, C. H. (n.d.). A new resource for college faculty: The Terry O’Banion Papers. CrossCurrents. https://kpcrossacademy.org/a-new-resource-for-college-faculty-the-terry-obanion-papers/


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