3 Tips For Making the Most of Cross Academy Online Teaching Resources


It’s been said that the best tool is the one you actually have with you, but how useful that tool is really comes down to whether or not you know best how to use it. Bearing that in mind, this post is aimed at helping you best utilize the online teaching resources provided by the K. Patricia Cross Academy.

Video Sort Features

With a library of 50 technique videos covering a wide range of subject matter, seeking out a specific video never requires more than a few clicks when using the library’s advanced sorting features. 

Even better, the filters are applied in real-time for a smoother browsing experience!

Teaching Environment

The broadest filter, ‘Teaching Environment’ allows you to select videos based on the intended teaching environment—in-person or online—and is a great way to lend a bit of direction to your general library browsing.

Activity Type

Do you already have a particular activity type in mind? If you’re looking to approach a certain lesson element in a different way, the ‘Activity Type’ filter allows for efficient browsing and discovery of videos covering activity-specific techniques as well as the resources needed to implement them into your lessons.

Teaching Problem Addressed

Looking for a way to target a specific issue you’re facing in the classroom? The ‘Teaching Problem Addressed’ filter allows you to find videos directly related to the various teaching challenges you face.

Learning Taxonomic Dimension

Great for organizing videos based on how they address individual elements of the broader learning process, the ‘Learning Taxonomic Dimension’ filter categorizes the entire video library according to which broader piece of the learning puzzle they address. 

Online Teaching Technique Videos

As the pandemic has dramatically accelerated the adoption of—and reliance on—online learning environments, tailoring teaching techniques to best utilize (and accommodate) the medium has become an essential skill for ensuring teaching and learning do not suffer outside of traditional learning environments.

In order to help aid the transition, 38 online teaching technique videos (and counting) have been adapted to offer resources and instruction tailored specifically to the unique considerations presented by teaching and learning in an online environment. 

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