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Our teaching techniques are practical to use and address many dimensions of learning. Videos are continually in production, so please check back regularly to see our latest additions.

The K. Patricia Cross Academy is a nonprofit program supported entirely by sales of Engaged Teaching: A Handbook for College Faculty and donations from a small group of donors, including the founders. K. Patricia Cross currently resides in an assisted living community near Berkeley, California. If you would like to send her a brief greeting expressing your good wishes or appreciation, click below.

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Teaching Problem Addressed
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Learning Taxonomic Dimension
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In the 3-2-1 technique, students write about 3 things they learned in the lecture, 2 things they found...


In Jigsaw, students work in small groups to develop knowledge about a given topic before teaching what...


When using IRA’s, students complete a written response to a reading assignment that includes three...


A Frame is a template of sentence stems that provides the shape of a short essay, but not the content....


In Letters, students assume the identity of an important person in your discipline and write a letter...

That’s good, that’s really good. That three minutes was more useful than an hour and 45 minutes of professional development today.

Faculty Member

After learning about the K. Patricia Cross Academy, I have shared it with my colleagues at my community college.  We are grateful for the free resources the academy provides and it has been a tremendous resource for our instructors.  Personally, the academy has helped me create unique activities to connect with our students during freshmen seminars.

Faculty Member

The K. Patricia Cross Academy website is an essential resource for those developing their course activities and teaching styles regardless of their years of experience.  The site encourages instruction that prepares the next generation of learners and builds a framework of tools supportive of student success.  I see the site as an asset for anyone in the field of education.


The K Patricia Cross Academy website offers a wide variety of teaching tips that are great for engaging students. I have recommended the website to colleagues and instructional designers at UA Online to use as a resource.

Faculty Member

The K. Patricia Cross Academy webpage was very helpful to me as a future educator. The recommended strategies are innovative and relevant for our 21st century students.

Research Fellow